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A Wedding is the union of the soul mates... two halves of the same soul joining together in life's journey. Once-in-a life event of an individual's life. Remembered for years by the relatives, friends and acquaintances but it is the couple who hold a sacred regard for the recollections of the divine bonding.

Wedding Photography:

Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity. You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without. In order to preserve those beautiful moments of celebration of love, we need to capture them in camera for future perspective. Care is taken that the iconic event of your life is captured with precision and clarity so that you could relive the happiness, excitement and emotions in the later years with your friends,relatives,family members and grandchildren.
When the need of capturing the significant moments of your life arises, Ankita Digital Works comes to the picture.
Ankita Digital Works began its journey on November 7th, 2007 as a simple photo studio. However, we made a distinct identity for our self in the field of photography with blessings and good wishes of our clients and dear ones.
Currently, Ankita Digital Works is running Wedding Photography segment.
Photography is not only about capturing the moments of life in pictures but enhancing the beauty of the picture to its best. A good photographer makes the best out of the ordinary. Sublime out of simple! He is an enchanter who perceives beauty in ordinary and pulls a rabbit out of your hat ! Ankita Digital Works would love to make the memories of your wedding a fairytale in the pages of your album. We understand your desire to be unparalleled. Our hardworking and skilled group strives for excellence to make your wedding photography experience unique.


Parents are obviously the one who, in spite of all our follies stands beside us, my parents weren't exception either. It is all because of their love and blessings that I am here. I would especially like to thank my brother, who brought about a transformation in my life.

"Aaj woh nahi hota, toh hum shayad yaha nahi hote."

I am grateful to my computer teachers Subrata Pal and Atanu Sengupta, who took additional care so that I can do my best in life. Ankita Digital Works is completely dedicated in using Nikon products and hence it acknowledges special thanks to Nikon.

About Me

Pintu Roy : Pintu Roy a professional photographer and the owner of Ankita Digital Works. He began his journey of creating pictures way back in the late 2000's. His desire to create beautiful memories out of everyday events gives him a vision completely different from the rest. During his learning years, he had joined the National Academy of Photography (NAP). Along with that he had attended several workshops organized by:

Mr. Raju Sultania- successful and versatile photographer of Eastern India with 40 years of experience in photography.He has attained mastery in wedding,product,table top and fashion photography.He is a member of AIPA and has taken part in various workshops and exhibitions across the world.
Mr. Anil Bhavsar -is an eminent Cinematographer and photographer who have worked for India Film Projects and Rajendra Kumar Films.
Nikon Photgraphy-Nikon School of Photography was established in 2010 with the aim to proliferate the culture of photography and guides the photography enthusiasts to acquire skills required for perfection and clarity in photography. It arranges various workshops, seminars and tutorials leaded by experts.


Ankita Digital Works

Pintu Roy
Chief Photographer

Wedding Photography In Jalpaiguri

Gobinda Majumdar
Chief Asst. Photographer

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Tinku Ali
Asst. photographer

Wedding Photography in North Bengal

Abhijit Das
Asst. photographer

Wedding Photography in Jaigaon

Abhinav Rastogi

Chief Cinematographer

Wedding Photography in Jaigaon

Bijoy Guha Neogi

Asst. photographer